Sunday, February 21, 2010

PeopleString-Potentially a great find!

PeopleString is like no other social networking site you have ever used.  It promises to PAY you just for using their service.  I have just started the site but I have a few thoughts about it so far.  I will updating soon to share more of my experience.
Initially, the site feels very claustrophobic! I think the cosmetics of the site could be improved a bit but that it does have great potential!  Why should you care about this site? The incentives of course!  The initial signup bonus is a measly .10 cents but after you complete a brief survey(30 questions, I believe) you will be awarded another $1.50.  The real money here will be in its most popular feature called "cashbox".  After you confirm your address via typing in a code found on a postcard they send you, you will be invited to their cashbox program.  They claim that you will earn money just for opening the emails that advertisers send you.  Sounds pretty good to me! I am still waiting for my postcard so I have not had a chance to try the program as of yet but I will post again as soon as I get it!

If you are interested in PeopleString please sign up Here.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scour- the most overrated paid to search program yet

I read a few reviews about the infamous and from what I read it sounded pretty good! "Get paid to search" is what they are claimed.  Well I come to you today to say that it is a huge waste of time, at least compared to Swagbucks.  The sites I visited said you earned points on scour that can be redeemed for visa gift cards.  However, on the Scour site there is hardly any publicized information regarding how their points system works and I could not even find a link to their "shop" to redeem their prizes.  I even created an account and tried a few searches just to find that they did not even register in their system so I did not earn points for them.  Under my "searches" tap in my profile there was still a big goose egg.  At least if they had good search results there would be some incentive to use their site but unfortunately those sucked too.  I am wholeheartedly disappointed with what I thought would be a great service to earn free prizes.

If you are interested, I wrote an article about SwagBucks search and win engine Here or if you are already a SwagBucks fan but would like a few tips on how to win even more click Here.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adsense-A few extra dollars from your blog or site

I am fairly new to the blogging scene.  There are many things that I have yet to learn but I already know that blogging can be a great avenue to both make a few extra dollars as well as provide for a creative outlet for many young professionals.  I have never been the greatest writer but since I have began blogging, I can already see a considerable difference in my writing abilities.  The increased networking is also great to connect me to other bloggers and webmasters that share similar interests. Since I am still fairly new to blogging, I still don't know all the ins and outs of making money with my blog but I would love to share the experience that I do have with you, my loyal readers. 

The number one way to make money from your new blog is to advertise.  I am very much against charging readers to read my content or giving them any type of "premium" content for paying or donating to my cause.  This leaves advertising as the only business model that supports by blog. At the lead of this advertising is Adsense. Google's Adsense program is the way to go because of its ease of use and its ability to show ads that are actually relevant to your content.  Google uses bots to "crawl" your site and these bots decide what would be the most profitable ads on your site. This technology is leaps and bounds ahead of all of their competitors and it gives them a huge edge for small businesses like my own.  I don't expect to make it big by blogging but it brings me great satisfaction to share some of my thoughts with my readers while making a few more dollars online.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Xomba-A great way to make money by posting articles

Xomba is a how-to site much like ehow that works by users generating articles about every subject imaginable.  There are articles about the web, life, and even how to tie your shoes.  What makes Xomba so unique is its huge potential to make money.  It interacts directly with your Google adsense account to provide your personal ads on your posts.  Every other time someone visits your article, your ads are posted on the article(the other half come from Xomba).  I am still learning new things about Xomba but I have read a lot of very positive reviews about the site and so far I can only agree that it has great potential! Follow the link below to sign up to Xomba now to begin your money making adventure in writing articles!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Points2Shop-Another great survey site!

I have been using points2shop for some time now and the system is just getting better and better! Although the bonus is not quite as good as Fusion Cash(see my post about it Here), you start with a modest bonus of 250 points(equivalent to $2.50). What makes points2shop so unique is its vast array of ways to earn points and redeem them! You can fill out completely free surveys for around a dollar each or even sign up for free trials or paid surveys valued at 10 to 20 dollars! A few other ways to earn cash on points2shop are:
  • Signing up referrals-.50 cents per referral just for signing up the another .50 cents for their first offer then a percentage of all the points they earn(15% of what your first level referrals earn, 3% of second level and 2% of third level.)
  • Play games against other users for a fun way to earn some extra points!
  • Daily clicks- These allow you to simply visit a sponsors site, click any one link, and earn a couple points. The best part is that you can do them everyday so you will never run out of ways to earn points!
My absolute favorite part about points2click is its ways to "cash out". If the prize you want is on Amazon then its on points2shop. They import popular items from Amazon for you to redeem as a prize. I am currently working towards a Xbox 360 Pro valued at 12500 points($125).

The link to sign up for points2shop is

I have less experience on their partner site Cashle but they are essentially the same except on Cashle you earn cash that can be deposited into your Paypal account or redeemed for gift cards to most big name retailers. The link to sign up for Cashle is


Some Swagbucks tips on a snowy day

I am stuck at home with all this snow so I decided to compile a list of a few ways to increase your SwagBucks gains!
  • Use Swagbucks to Visit your Favorite Sites – Instead of going to your bookmarks or typing in the address of your favorite site, why not go through Swagbucks? It takes about 2 seconds longer and will help you win more.
  • You Can Almost Always Win at Least Once a Day - I don’t remember the last time I didn’t win at least one Swagbuck in a day, and it usually happens within the first 5 searches. Additional wins are very possible, but get more and more unlikely as you continue to win. The most I have won in a single day is 4 times.
  • Sign Up Your Friends and Family- This is the easiest way to win lots of Swagbucks. You may only win 1-5 Swagbucks a day by yourself, but with just 5 friends earning on average 2 Swagbucks a day you would earn 360 Swagbucks a month! Just think of what you could do with 50 friends signed up! I am currently earning about 25 Swagbucks a day!
  • Bookmark, Bookmark, Bookmark!-If you have websites that you frequent on a daily or more than daily basis, instead of bookmarking the site, bookmark the search results for the site. The easiest way to do this in Firefox is to just drag the Icon at the left of the address bar to your bookmarks toobar. You can then right click on the bookmark and hit properties to rename it to whatever you want.
If you are unsure what exactly Swag Bucks is read my first post about the site Here

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    FusionCash-they give you 5$ just for signing up!

    Survey sites are probably not the best long term solution for earning money but they can be great for earning a few extra dollars very quickly. Survey sites typically pay you anywhere from .50 cents to 20 dollars to complete surveys or sign up for free trials that advertisers pay for. I have tried plenty of these sites but have had the best overall experience with fusion cash. Click here to sign up to Fusion Cash Fusion Cash. Fusion cash is great because you only need to earn 25$ and they are giving you 5$ just to sign up! There are plenty of totally free, no credit card required, offers to choose from and the money adds up fast! You can also earn cash for getting referrals and even by posting helpful information on their forum! FusionCash gives you a great way to earn at least 20-50$ with only about an hour of "work".

    Fusion Cash

    Free Money at FusionCash!